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Grants and Programs

The Ohio State School for the Blind Parent Teacher Staff Foundation provides help and support to benefit persons who are blind and visually impaired school age children who are receiving services from the Ohio State School for the Blind. This support is given in the form of grants and or programs that will further the education or development of students to enter the workforce upon graduation.

The OSSBPTSF Board of Directors determines whether to award grants or develop program at the Board meetings that are held each month. Grants or proposals must be submitted two weeks prior to the meeting date of the Board.

  • The grant or proposal will benefit one or more of the students who are blind or visually impaired need.

  • Now the program or grant will benefit the student and the school No other source of funding is available.

  • Has a proposed plan for evaluation of results of program and signed release and consent forms have been completed

  • Grant or proposal has been reviewed by school administration and related staff.

  • A completed and signed document has been submitted to the Board for review.

Grant/Proposal forms can be found by clicking here.

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