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How You Can Help

The Ohio State School for the Blind Parent Teacher Staff Foundation depends on charitable giving to fulfill our mission to broaden and enhance educational and employment opportunities for individuals who are blind and visually impaired. Your gifts are very important to us!

General Or Dedicated

Your gifts to the OSSBPTSF can be applied to specific programs, services or funds (dedicated gifts), or to the OSSBPTSF general fund (unrestricted gifts)

Dedicated gifts are restricted to the purpose or fund requested by the donor. The OSSBPTSF currently maintains funds dedicated to the music department to cover the cost of band equipment, uniforms, instrument repair, and band travel opportunities.

General gifts are deposited to the OSSBPTSF general fund, which is used for the operation of student general activities and the Parent Teachers Staff Organization and other school request other than those covered by dedicated funds. Unrestricted gifts that are not consumed by projectects are returned to the general endowment fund.

What To Give

You can contribute to the success of the OSSBPTSF mission in many ways:

  • One-time cash gifts.

  • Annual cash gifts paid in monthly, quarterly, or other periodic installments. Assets of a family foundation or other private foundations can continue to achieve a philanthropic objective while taking advantage of cost-savings, regulatory, administrative and excise tax burdens of self-administrated funds.

  • Gifts of IRA’s and other retirement funds lessen the impact of income, estate and generation-skipping taxes on a family’s inheritance by naming the OSSBPTSF as the beneficiary.

Other Ways To Help

You do not have to spend money to help with the OSSBPTSF mission. The OSSBPTSF relies on volunteers to help raise awareness about the needs of the Foundation and the people it serves. You can help by:

  • Become an event sponsor. The OSSBPTSF host charitable or fund-raising events during the year. These events can not occur without the generous support of event sponsors who provide products or personnel.

  • Donate prizes or complimentary gifts that the OSSBPT can distribute at its events.

  • Volunteer time. The Foundation relies on volunteers to keep the operational cost low.

  • Join the Foundation as a corporate partner. Investing in the Ohio State School for the Blind Parent Teacher Staff Foundation is not only a rewarding philanthropic decision, it is just good business. Your company can take the spotlight with exceptional exposure to a premium potential customer base. Sponsorships and contributions can be designated for sponsorship of various educational programs, special events, technology and support grants, required Braille books and audio needs, and special assistance for independent living. All cooperate sponsors receive public recognition for their support

Thank you

Your gracious gifts will help support each school age student in who is blind or visually impaired with the tools, skills and training necessary to give them confidence that anything chosen to do is possible. We thank you for your support.


OSSB Foundation

5220 North High Street,

Columbus, OH 43214

Tel: 614-379-2939

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