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Any listing of what the OSSBPTSF does will, of necessity, be incomplete. Needs change, and the OSSBPTSF adapts to what it does as needed. OSSBPTSF is proud to support the following programs and projects:

Summer Programs

During the summer vacation, the Foundation has made it possible for young people to stretch their capabilities at summer music camp and summer school, where blind and Visually impaired students experience and learn the latest technology, to enjoy and understand various music experiences. During this time students learn new music and marching techniques that will be put to use in school program at OSSB. Students· will also be exposed to programs and music that will enable them to perform outside the school in such events as community parades and band concerts and high school and college musical events.

Helping Students Shine: Music

The Foundation has also helped fund projects in the Music Department, such as purchasing new musical equipment, band uniforms, renovation of musical instruments and the purchase of technology equipment for upgrading musical selections and providing supportive feed back of music that is being played. In 2009-2010 the OSSB Marching Band performed at the 2010 Tournament of Rose Pasadena Parade, Rose Bowel Bandfest, and Disneyland Band Concert. They also have performed at the Buckeye Lake Corn Fest, and Circleville Pumpkin Parade during the year.

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During the school year the foundation has helped support other school activities such as Mentor Club for Employment, Leo Club, Key Club, Graduating Class Project, and the Parent Teacher Staff Organization with fund raising activities and support programs. The OSSBPTSF Board of Directors determines whether to award grants or develop programs as the board meetings that are held each month. Grants or proposals must be submitted two weeks prior to the meeting date of the board. The Ohio State School for the Blind Parent Teacher Staff Foundation depends on charitable giving to fulfill our mission to broaden and enhance educational and employment opportunities for individuals who are blind and visually impaired. your gifts are very important to us!

Mentor Club for Employment

The OSSB mentor program has been in existence for six years. It is a result of a partnership with The Ohio State University's Nisonger Center Transition Special Education Department and the Ohio State School for the Blind. What makes the program special is that it is comprised of both classroom and after school (mentoring) components. Approximately 55 students in the 10th, 11th and 12th grades have participated in the program during the past six years. During the 2010-2011 school year 38 students in the mentor program are working with 23 active mentors and approximately 10 mentors are providing support at various times during the school year. The classroom transition component is taught in career and integrated into technology and English classes. Mentors provide support to both teachers and students expanding opportunities in the classroom such as helping students network with others in a career field of interest and provide one-on-one assistance to complete individual transition related documents ( college applications and job applications.)

Mentors in the program are college students, professionals or active members of the local community. The members communicate with students electronically on a weekly basis to discuss a variety of topics including, but not limited to: resumes, cover letters, interests, job shadowing experiences and college selection. Once monthly, meteors and mentees meet face-to-face for an evening of activities. These activities may be social in nature or an opportunity for mentors to work with students on important activities such as preparing college essays.

Leo Club

The OSSB Leo Club is a self-governing, student-lead organization of the parent organization of the Leo International. The Leo Club receive guidance and support form adult volunteers, including Leo advisors. A faculty advisor is assigned to assist the student in their activities. The Leo Club empowers its members to lead and serve by cultivating leadership skills, developing friendships, and performing community service. During the school year the club holds various fundraisers such as: bake sales, flea market sales, candy sales, Valentine's day flower sales, and home made ice cream competitions. Funds raise through these activities are used to support the club's sister organization in a school in Haiti and to raise funds for the scholarship program for graduating seniors at OSSB.

Graduating Class Project

Each school year the graduating class of OSSB establish projects and activities for the school year. Activities include planning for the senior trip and a school improvement project. In past years students have gone on trips to Disneyland, Dolly Land, New York City and New River Water trip in West Virginia. Student fundralsers include, car washes, bake sales and Christmas flowers.

Parent Teacher Staff Organization

The Parent Teacher Staff Organization (PTSO) is a self-funded sub committee of the Ohio State School for the Blind Parent Teacher Staff Foundation. Engaging in several fundraisers over the course of the school year, PTSO provides the necessary support for Ohio State School for the Blind students to participate in academic, recreational and athletic programs unattainable for most students at the school. Through the PTSO funding students from OSSB are able to enjoy trips to Washington, D.C. with the project Close-Up program, take field trips, be involved in arts festivals and Braille Readers are Leaders contests. The PTSO funds help provide great experiences for the Multi-Disabled students to participate n a spring track meet and enhance social skills with funding for various recreation programs and rewards the athletes with post-season celebration events.