Board of Directors

The Ohio State School for the Blind Parent Teacher Staff Foundation is governed by a board of directors that is comprised of eleven voting trustee's members and one non-voting member. The number of trustee's is determined by the board annually. The Director is elected to serve on the board for a three-year term. There are currently six voting members and one ex officio member on the board

The Superintendent of the Ohio State School for the Blind automatically serves as an ex officio board member. Ex officio board members participate in all board meetings but do not vote.

Officers are selected from the board and serve two year terms. Officers and directors serve on a volunteer basis without compensation.

The board of directors for the Ohio State School for the Blind Parent Teacher Staff Foundation currently consist of five voting members and one ex officio member. (director profiles below)

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During the school year the foundation has helped support other school activities such as Mentor Club for Employment, Leo Club, Key Club, Graduating Class Project, and the Parent Teacher Staff Organization with fund raising activities and support programs. The OSSBPTSF Board of Directors determines whether to award grants or develop programs as the board meetings that are held each month. Grants or proposals must be submitted two weeks prior to the meeting date of the board. The Ohio State School for the Blind Parent Teacher Staff Foundation depends on charitable giving to fulfill our mission to broaden and enhance educational and employment opportunities for individuals who are blind and visually impaired. your gifts are very important to us!

Who are the Directors?

Louis A. Mazzoli - Lou Mazzoli is the chairman for the board of directors. Is a re tired special education administrator with 45 years of experience and does consultative work in the area of school administration. He has served as chairman of the board since 2009. He is also member of the Northeast Lions Club of Columbus

James Peterfish - Jim is the Treasure to the board of directors. He is an instructor at the Ohio State School for the Blind for the past 28 years and has served as the treasure of the parent teachers organization at the school for more than 10 years.

Janell Brown - Janell is the Secretary for the Foundation, and has been a school librarian for the state of Ohio for the past 25 years. Her responsibilities include the taking of minutes, sharing information with the school staff and general public and keeping of the official records of the actions that have been taken.

Lorraine Kaplan - Lorraine joined the board in 2009 is a parent of a visually impaired child who has attended OSSB. During the past five years she has served as a parent advocate for families who are seeking assistance for their children at both the school and in the community.

Ronald D. Robbins - Ron is a Sales Process Manager for Sequent which cultivates professional growth opportunities for its clients by developing personal and lasting relationships with the owners. They also provide assistance to their clients in meeting their business objectives through on-going education and effective human resource support services. Ron is current member of the Dublin lions Club and has served as President six times. He has served the lions from a District and State perspective as an officer and community leader. He was a active supporter of the Ohio State School for the Blind Marching Band and assisted the raising of considerable funds for the lions so that the students could take part In the 2010 Tournament of Roses Parade on New Years Day in Januaryof 2010.

Scott Schaller - Scott is another board member who presently employed as the Chief Operating Officer for both the Ohio State School for the Blind and the Ohio School for the Deaf. He has worked for the state of Ohio for the past 11 years in the area of budget analysis. As a director he will assist the organization in assuring the appropriate fiscal rules and regulations of the state of Ohio.

Cynthia M. Johnson - Cynthia is the Interim Superintendent of the Ohio State School for the Blind and serves as the ex officio member of the board. She brings to the table the understanding and needs of the blind and visually impaired students of the school. In her present school position she is responsible for directing the school staff, placement of students in programs and· complying with the rules and regulations of both the state and federal regulations.

Need more information?

If you need additional information regarding the board of directors, please contact Louis A. Mazzoli by email at